Windbreaker Buying Guide

Buying a windbreaker jacket should not be a complicated decision. Windbreakers play the simple role of offering protection against elements such as earth, water, and air. While going out for hikes and camping, you find that protection against these elements is essential.

A windbreaker is a form of jacket that is much lighter than other jackets. It is also sometimes waterproof making it ideal for layering over winter attire.

Its light weight also makes it suitable for use during summer. This means that windbreakers are universal garments that can be worn anytime and by anyone who wishes to protect themselves from wind, rain, dust and also mud.

Before you purchase, understand your needs

When choosing windbreakers, it is going to be much easier for you to have a clue about what you want. This applies to preferences that are custom only to you. Consider your size and the color that will make feel most comfortable.

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Windbreakers come in varying sizes and color to meet the diverse needs of people who need these garments. Therefore understanding your needs will help narrow down your search.

Which are the ideal materials for windbreakers?

Windbreakers come in different materials from nylon, tricot to polyester. This means that you need to understand the material best suited for you. The different materials are meant for varying climates, therefore also consider the environment in which you intend to use your jacket.

Sometimes you may need to get a jacket that is warm. For chilly climates, some jackets will have a layer of fleece to help you keep warm. Some customized windbreakers come with a velcro fitted fleece layer making them ideal for all destinations.

Since windbreakers are very simple, the main things to look out for are materials used to make the jackets. A nylon windbreaker will have different attributes from a polyester-made jacket. Understanding these differences will give you a good guideline when it comes to choosing the best jacket for you or your loved ones.


Nylon is highly resistant to water. This makes it ideal for wetter weather. Nylon is also highly durable and wind resistant; this is because of the tough nature of the fabric. A nylon jacket will, however, be noisy when you wear it.


Another disadvantage is that a nylon jacket will make you very hot and uncomfortable during warmer periods. However, nylon is a material that is easy to clean and dry.


On the other hand, polyester is a much more subtle fabric. It does not make too much rustling noises and it s even lighter than nylon. Polyester also has a higher resistance to chemicals as well as mildew. During hotter seasons polyester made windbreakers are much better since they are far much lighter than nylon.

On the downside, polyester is not a biodegradable fabric. Due to that fact, polyester windbreakers can be a bit harder to clean as compared to nylon jackets.


With this knowledge, all you need to understand is the purposes for choosing to purchase the jacket. For activities such as hiking, cycling, or mountain biking, ensure that you have a garment that is sweat-wicking, breathable and also very light. Some breakers also come with vents under the arms to act as cooling vents.