What Are The Top Universities In North Carolina?

North Carolina has the best environment, from temperate weather to fun and serene Beach. North Carolina has the best universities in the world. Below is a list of the best universities in North Carolina.

1. University of North Carolina

This is also known as Chapel Hill; it is the best-ranked universities in raleigh nc. It is a well-established university with literally everything you can imagine a university has to have.


This university has a high retention rate of 90 % of its students with an application success rate of 28%, its students travel all over the world in academic exchange programs. This makes them master their area of specialization as they interact with many professors from across the globe.

2. Duke University

If you are a sports fun, then you must be aware of this great university in North Carolina due to its excellent performance in sports. This university performs well in North Carolina with a low acceptance rate of 11%.

3. North Carolina Central University

This university came into existence in the early 1990s. It started as a religious training institution for Carolina residents. It later transformed into Art College and has continued ever since to maintain a good reputation as the best university in North Carolina.

4. Wake Forest University


This is another amazing university in North Carolina. This university feels to be one of its experiences; it combines traditional educational values with substantial resources of large state school to come up with something unique that meets the current market demands.

5. Davidson College

If you consider yourself as creative, compassionate, and intellectually curious, then this is the place to be. This university supports those students who are uniquely involved. It provides a good platform to explore your talents.

6. Appalachia state university

This university has the lowest tuition rate in North Carolina, especially for in-state students. It is ranked as one of the best in impacting the strong sense of community to its students.