5 Weird Beer Snacks You Must Try

When it comes to beer, the process of drinking isn’t the only thing that’s important. Also, the food you’re eating while drinking adds to the whole beer drinking experience. In fact, today it has become a common thing for chefs to focus on foods that are best complemented with beer. While classic choices such as salt and vinegar crisps and dry-roasted peanuts are always a safe option, that doesn’t mean you should avoid experimenting with other equally delicious beer snacks. So, if you want to find out more about some alternative options, here are five weird beer snacks you must try. 

Pork scratchings

In England, pork scratchings are the most popular snack people eat while drinking beer. Not only can this great English beer snack be purchased in pubs but supermarkets and stores too. They can either be found in pre-packaged bags placed behind the bar or on the counter in freshly made bowls. Pork scratchings are little pieces of pork rind that are either deep-fried or roasted. While cooking pork scratchings, it’s common to add a lot of salt and fennel seeds or to spice them up with paprika. This beer snack is usually served cold and it can be very crispy. Pork scratchings are best complemented with a pint of bitter ale that opposes the saltiness of this great English beer snack.

Photo by Unsplash

Vegemite on toast

When it comes to the best snack that goes great with a beer in Australia, there’s no doubt that it’s Vegemite on white toast with butter. If you’re unfamiliar with the term Vegemite, it refers to a thick, dark brown food spread that’s made from leftover brewer’s yeast with different spices and vegetable additives. In fact, Vegemite is an Australian version of Marmite, and one of the most unique Aussie beer snacks that are best enjoyed on a hot summer day in Sydney. Also, if you want you can make this snack even more delicious, you should toast it. In case you have an electrical emergency with the toaster or any other electrical issue, don’t hesitate to reach out to a qualified and experienced electrical service provider and contact the best Level 2 electrician in Bondi to fix your problem quickly. 

Dried fish

One of the most popular beer snacks in Ukraine is dried fish. You can find this snack at numerous bars, homes, and stores in different Ukrainian cities. Most Ukrainians tend to complement their refreshing beer with dried fish and occasionally dried meats. Today, this beer snack has become even more popular with the expansion of craft beer. When going to Kyiv, don’t forget to visit the Bierwelle shop and look for their huge counter of dried fish and plenty of beer bottles in the fridges. Try asking the staff for the best beer and fish pairings, as they’re surely familiar with the perfect combinations. So, whether or not you’re still unsure when you should drink beer, you’ll surely love this weird and unique beer snack.

Photo by Kasumi Loffler


Biltong is a beer snack from South Africa which is unique in its way of preserving food. This snack refers to a variety of beef jerky which is specified in the manner of preserving meat by salting and drying. The name of this beer snack comes from the Old Dutch word referring to “buttock tongue”. What makes it different from ordinary beef jerky is that it is cut a lot thicker, cured in vinegar, and never smoked. Although biltong is typically made with beef, it can also come in various alternatives, like ostrich, shark, and gazelle. This beer snack can be soft, dry, fatty, or lean, with a bit of vinegar, and a taste similar to salami. 


If you’re by any chance traveling to Japan, then you mustn’t forget to try Kushikatsu, which is the best beer snack that can be found in the Shinsekai area of Osaka. This beer snack refers to battered and deep-fried rods of meat or vegetables. Each piece of this beer snack is soaked in a rectangular metal container which in itself involves a sweet brown dipping sauce. Kushikatsu is commonly served with big pieces of torn cabbage, and when combined with beer, it creates a match made in heaven. 

Hopefully, this article has inspired you to experiment with some alternative options and try some weird beer snacks like those above.