Types of Beers: How to Decide the Best One to Serve at Your Wedding

One of the hardest things about planning a wedding is supplying your guests with enough drinks, as well as enough variety so that everyone is satisfied. Sure, some people drink only wine, others prefer hard liquor, but probably the largest number of guests will choose beer. Beer is light, refreshing, and can be enjoyed for a prolonged time without getting too drunk, making it the best drink for weddings and similar occasions. But you can’t simply order X liters of random beer and call it a day. Beer has so many varieties and each deserves special attention. So what kind of beer should you serve at your wedding? 

Consider the season

When are you tying the knot? The season you’re having your wedding in will closely determine the type of beer you should serve. For instance, spring weddings call for malty beers with citrus or floral flavors and aromas. Summer deserves something light and airy like fruit beers, pale ales, and witbier. For fall, you can have a mix of light and dark beers with a bit of higher alcohol content (amber ale, stout, or Oktoberfest). A great idea is to include a seasonal beer like something with pumpkin spice. And finally, a winter wedding also deserves the right beer, mainly something dark and bold that will warm up the crowd—think dark stout or barleywine. 

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How many options to provide?

According to unwritten rules, people usually opt to serve two types of red wine and two types of white wine at their weddings, so why not provide your guests with a variety of beers as well. Of course, you don’t need a ton of options, but three to five different brands and types will satisfy everyone’s taste, as long as you’re strategic with your choice. 

Start with something light

The first beer to include on your drinks menu is a light lager. This is a beer that will satisfy most people, including those who don’t know much about beer. If a person doesn’t see anything they like on the menu, they will probably choose a light lager. Australians are especially big on their beers, yet most of them choose lagers. Since the weather is hot in Australia, check with Sydney wedding venues and see whether they can serve a cold easy-drinking lager of the local origin. These beers are not super-rich in alcohol, which is great for Sydney weather that requires frequent hydration. 

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Pair beer with food

It’s important to make your drinks harmonize with your food, and while not many people know this about beer, this drink pairs wonderfully with many dishes. If you’re having a beach or coastal-themed wedding with plenty of seafood, consider a bold IPA that can drown the aggressive tastes of seafood. To bring out the savory taste of the steak, pale ale will do wonders with your sirloin. On the other hand, sweet and savory ribs might pair best with amber ale and its caramel flavors. For chicken, a traditional light lager is the best option. 

Pick a theme

If you can pick a theme for your drinks, do it. This is something that will entertain the guests and create a much more coherent vibe for your wedding. For instance, if you’re an adventurous couple, you can choose craft beers with adrenaline-inducing labels and names. You can also choose beers from important spots that marked your relationship. If you met in Spain, got engaged in Hawaii, and live in Sydney, you can incorporate beers from these locations into your menu. Everyone will appreciate your extra effort to make things fun, and you’ll love to have these significant places included in your special day. 

Consider your preferences

If you and your future spouse are beer lovers, make sure to serve your favorite beer during your big day. After all, this is your wedding and you should aim to be happy with everything that is served. This way, you’ll not only have a good beer option to fall back on but also allow your guests to try your favorites and get to know your tastes better. 

Even though not many people think of beer when imagining a wedding (champagne is what usually comes to mind) but the truth is that a lot of guests will appreciate your effort to include this timeless drink into your menu. If you follow this little guide above, you’ll welcome just the right beers to your wedding.