5 Exercises That Directly Impact On Mental Health

Do you have plans to get active today? Well, you already understand the benefits of physical activity for your body, but does not understand how it can improve your mental wellbeing? Any form of physical activity has numerous benefits to the mind. Moreover, working out triggers the release of chemicals such as the endorphins that boosts an individual’s mood. This, therefore, explains why you are unlikely to regret a workout afterward.

Besides making the body more relaxed, it helps in increasing one’s self-esteem as a result of learning something new. In this guide, we discuss the top 5 exercises that can help you improve your mental vigor.

1. Yoga

Most people assume that yoga is a low impact form of exercise. However, it delivers plenty of diverse challenges depending on the type one chooses to practice. For instance, Vinyasa and Ashtanga yoga always demand more physical postures that Hatha and Yin. Additionally, yoga practice helps improves flexibility and strength. Whatever type of yoga you choose, the focus on breathing is very crucial.


Learning how to breathe fully and deeply has numerous benefits including depressing cortisol, a stress hormone that is commonly found in people suffering from anxiety and depression. Besides, yoga practice also offers an opportunity for focusing on your mind by being present.

2. Swimming

Swimming always feels therapeutic due to buoyancy. When the body is in water, the pressure is taken off the body joints. The water offers resistance; thus you can exercise while being supported. As a swimmer, you have the option to choose what to do in the pool. You can maximize on cardio by swimming long lengths or take a more relaxed approach that will help boost your mood.

Additionally, taking aqua aerobics can be of help to improve your mental health. If you have not learned how to swim, you need to check out our local leisure centers that provide lessons for all ages.

3. Running or Walking

This might sound obvious, but there are positives to running or walking in the gym, that is if you prefer to be indoors. However, research indicates that being outside in nature reduces stress and help people feel more relaxed.


Additionally, if you do not fancy exercising outside, you could opt for gardening, and it will help you calm down as you make your garden be in the best shape that you desire.

4. Play Football

Playing football or any other sport offers an opportunity to build social skills that can improve one’s confidence and self-esteem. Exercising in a group is a fun challenge.

It helps you turn an exercise into a habit. If football is not your thing, then why not try cricket or rowing, or just any other team sport?

5. Tai chi

The Chinese martial art combines a relaxed movement that is unique to both the mind and body. In some circumstances, the art has been called “Meditation in motion” since it is made up of a series of graceful movements with one transitioning to the other smoothly. Tai Chi classes are offered at various levels, and it is valuable to older people since it requires balance, something people lose when they grow old.