Short Getaways from Sydney

Life in Sydney is quite fantastic when you think about the lively mornings next to the harbour or enjoying picturesque sunsets at some of the city’s fabulous beaches. However, when all the hustle and bustle of a metropolis becomes too much, everyone can benefit from getting out of the city and looking for a sanctuary outside Sydney. Be it an hour, two or up to four hours a trip, you can find true gems only a couple of hundreds of kilometres away from Sydney and enjoy a relaxing weekend that will recharge you and ready for another working week.

Take a quick trip to Port Stephens

When you need a short break from Sydney, head down to Port Stephens. In less than 3 hours you’ll be able to enjoy crowd-free beaches and check out Stockton sand dunes by renting a quad bike or sand boards for the ultimate expedition. Take a 15-minute drive to Nelson Bay and use the opportunity to hop on a dolphin-watching boat and maybe even spot Humpback whales if you hit the migration season. If you’re a sucker for captivating views, hike up the top of Tomaree Head and witness the most mesmerizing view in this part of the country.  

Visit the exciting Hunter Valley

If you’re an avid sommelier, Hunter Valley should definitely be on your weekend getaway list. Being the premier wine region of NSW, it’s just the perfect place for a relaxing and enticing weekend away. Visit majestic vineyards and taste some of the most refined wines in Australia. Feel free to stop by a shop and stock up on some cheese to snack on during your wine tasting and make the entire experience much more gastronomic.  

Stop by the suburbs

Going away from Sydney doesn’t have to require hours of travel, but you can enjoy the suburbs just as well as any other more remote region. Rosebery is one of the cute, friendly suburbs that will offer you just as much relaxation and fun as any other part of Australia without taking hours to get to. One of the ways to make your weekend getaway unique is to visit a whiskey distillery where you can even blend your own whiskey to appeal to your palate. Spend an entire day learning about the delicate production of whiskey and taste some of the most exquisite beverages.  

Drive to Gerringong

When deciding on a weekend trip outside of Sydney, be sure to consider Gerringong if you’re a fan of green, lush countryside. Take the Hume Highway and you’ll be at a surfer’s dream in less than 2 hours. Werri Beach with its point breaks on both sides makes for a wonderful surfing location, drawing wave-lovers from all over Australia. To make the most of your trip, take an energizing scenic walk from Gerringong to Kiama while passing through glorious secret caves, rocky headlands, green pastures and spectacular ocean views. If you feel like taking a break, there’s a myriad of lovely cafes, parklands and shops to catch a breath at.

Explore the Blue Mountains

No longer than one hour away from Sydney will you find all the tranquillity you need after a bustling week. If you enjoy hikes, then use the chance to explore hundreds of kilometres of trails while marvelling at the untouched bushland in the UNESCO-listed World Heritage Site. Keep in mind that this part of the country is a bit chillier than Sydney, so make sure you bring something to keep you warm during your hikes. 

Going away for the weekend is what we all need from time to time, so don’t miss a chance to unwind and clear your mind at some of the fabulous destinations close to Sydney. Whether you want to explore the ocean, take a scenic hike or enjoy whiskey tasting, Australia has it all and not far away from your home.