6 Tips for Keeping Your Restroom Clean and Stocked at All Times

When it comes to areas, such as the restroom, no matter if we’re talking about residential or commercial restrooms, cleanliness and functionality become top priorities. And while you certainly won’t use a public restroom like you would your own, that doesn’t mean that a commercial restroom should be neglected and dirty.

That being said, there certainly are ways you can ensure that your restroom is clean and well-stocked at any time. And while it is true that trying to keep a commercial restroom is somewhat challenging, it is definitely not impossible. With that in mind, here are some ways you can ensure that your bathroom is clean, safe to use and well-stocked

Schedule regular thorough scrubbing

Everyone wants to work in a clean workspace. And while it is easy to maintain a clean office, restrooms are a somewhat different story. Thorough scrubbing sessions are absolutely mandatory in areas, such as the restroom. Now, since commercial restrooms are used way more frequently than residential ones on a daily basis, that means that scheduling a thorough cleaning session once a month simply won’t be enough. Instead, commercial restrooms should be cleaned meticulously at least once a week – depending on the size and the average number of people using it.  

Make sure that it is being maintained regularly

Aside from regular cleaning, you also need to make sure that you maintain it regularly. This means that you should have a cleaning crew on board that will come in and clean up the bathroom a couple of times each day. Now, if your working hours span over the course of two or more shifts, make sure that each shift is covered. Additionally, make sure you rotate your cleaning staff regularly to cater to employee satisfaction. 

Get the necessary (cleaning) equipment

Furthermore, you need to make sure that your staff has all the necessary equipment to perform their duties accordingly. This means that you should ensure that you always have enough cleaning supplies and enough toilet paper to ensure that you don’t run out mid-day. Furthermore, make sure that every restroom stall is equipped with sanitary bins so that you prevent problems such as clogged toilets or blocked drains from arising. 

Stock up on cleaning supplies and other necessities

As already mentioned, you need to make sure you have enough supplies to last you until the next month. It’s very important to use the right cleaning products, as they all have a specific purpose. For small windows or glass surfaces, it is advisable to use hydrophobic coating for glass and protect it from water stains and damage. Here, aside from the cleaning supplies, you need to make sure you obtain enough toilet paper, hand towels and hand soap, and you need to ensure that you have a sanitary bin or two as a backup, in case something happens to the ones in the stalls.

Pay special attention to problem areas


In public and commercial restrooms, the problem areas are most commonly the individual stalls. Of course, the toilet and the area around it require a special approach when cleaning, as they definitely are the dirtiest parts of the restroom. Therefore, aside from making sure that these areas are really thoroughly scrubbed, you also need to ensure that they’re being sanitized, as there are a lot of diseases that are easily transmitted by using public restrooms. 

Make it look pretty

Aside from making sure that your restroom is clean and safe to use, you should also try to make it as pretty as possible. Of course, don’t go too crazy and avoid overstuffing your restroom with unnecessary trinkets, but at least ensure that all the tiles are whole and stuck on properly. No matter how clean your restroom is unless it looks fresh and pretty, it will give off the wrong vibe.


So, make sure you keep your restroom clean and representable so that anyone who uses it can feel comfortable while doing so. Also, make sure you always have enough bathroom supplies that are being refilled regularly, to avoid any unpleasant situations.