Most Popular North American Origin Beers

There are many different styles of brewing beer in the United States, and these include all varieties of the ales described above. Many of the recipes and way of creating these ales have changed over time, as have the ingredients. Some examples of the recipes used to create these North American origin beers include Belgian-style beer, German pilsners, Irish stout, and other barmaid pubs brew. All of these beer styles are named for the country where they were created.

Some examples of North American origin beer’s style include Barleywine, which is a wheat wine; an English wheat beer style called Box, which is also a wheat beer; and an example of a non-traditional beer style, Americanized wort, also known as Scottish wort, which is a dark beer made from malt extract. All of these ales contain yeast in one form or another. Some examples of yeast include Saccharomyces cerevisiae (a species of yeast), Oligochaetendria maculata, and Candida esolate. The yeasts used to make these different ales can be wild yeast, Saccharomyces bayanus, or a baker’s yeast.

ale beer in a glass


Weizenbock is probably the best known of all the North American Origin beers. It was first brewed by someone in the United States in the early 19th century. This beer is widely popular across Europe but not so much in North America. It was first created with wheat and a pinch of salt. Yeast is typically added to this beer to create a flavor.


One of the most common types of North American origin ale styles is the British style barley wine Ale. This is a very mild and low to medium-bodied beer that is typically wheat in flavor. This is made by either boiling the wort, which produces an extremely dark beer or by decanting the liquid and allowing it to stand and fermenting with the wild yeast contained in the air. The taste of this type of beer is delicate and has a nice maltiness to it.

Another type of beer that is often mistaken for wheat beer is the Belgian end taste, which is made from pale wheat. These beers have a very light malt flavor and are similar to an English mild ale. The Belgian-style bitter ale is named for the town of Bruxelles in Belgium, where the tradition of making them began. Other examples of this type of beer include Cantillon wheat beer and the pale English style bitter.


One of the most popular styles of beer in the United States is the lager. Lager beer was first created in the United States as a result of American wheat beer that was not being brewed in the new country. The original lager was a solution for brewing beer that was not being produced in the United States because it did not require the use of hops. The original lager was dark in color and quite clear, similar to a barley brew. Today, lagers can be delicious and light, although many still prefer the traditional English style lager.

German-style beers are another popular option for those who enjoy North American Origin Ale Styles. Germany is a large country and there are plenty of places where one could go to get German beer. In fact, there is even a German beer festival in Germany each year. The German beer style is dark in color and has a smoky taste. Many of the German beers that are produced in America follow the standard of German beers and are darker in color than their European counterparts.

American lager

The history of making these types of ales is rich and interesting. Of course, we cannot forget the well-known American lager, which is probably the most common type of ale produced in this country. However, there are plenty of others to choose from, including German ales, British ales, and many others. You can buy any variety of North American Origin Ales at your local liquor store or supermarket. These will all be able to provide you with many options for choosing the right beer for you and your tastes.