How to Choose a Glass Pipe?

A glass pipe can prove to be vital in one’s life. When selecting your glass pipe, care should be taken to choose a glass pipe that will serve your purposes well without any inconveniences. A good pipe should be big enough so that you can put all the contents that you like at the desired amount. Below are the tips on how to choose a glass pipe.

1. Your preferences

Do you want a dry pipe, bubbler or a water pipe? A glass pipe is most convenient because it is more portable and has a smaller size. Water pipes are most suitable to be used at home while on the other hand blubber is made to be used on many occasions, either at home or when traveling.

Glass Pipe

We have different unique types of dry pipes; they include exotic creations, small concert pipes, spoon pipes, and long Sherlock. Blubber has a smaller water chamber compared to the water pipe that makes it be more portable.

2. Look at the shape of the pipe and the exact location of the bowls and carb

The shape and the positions of the pipes and bowls is another factor that you need to consider carefully. They should always give the user the comfort and an enjoyable smoking experience that he deserves.

The size and shape of your glass pipe should be in a position to regulate the smoke from the pipe and be able to keep hot smoke away as well as the debris.

3. The functionality and the vanity of the glas pipes

It is up to the user to decide what is more important to him, do you like the general outlook of the pipe you desire or do you want to have a good functioning glass pipe? It is up to the glass pipe user to determine which area he should put more weight on but at the same time to balance the two.

4. The construction of the glass pipe

You should consider the quality of the glass pipe. Select one that has a better ability to be worked on and the one that can endure stress impact. Choose a pipe that its density and thickness is evenly distributed throughout the body of the piece. A glass with thin spot won’t last long as the thin spots will act as points of weakness that will easily break when the pipe fall.

5. Energy and karma

Another thing that you have to consider is where the glass pipes come from; you can always use a referral to select the best type of glass pipe in the market. You may get referrals on the best glass pipe manufactures whose pipes are annealed in ceramic kilns.


These are high-quality pipes that can long last if minimal care is taken. Some pipes are made with artistic style to be more appealing to the buyer; some can be woven, color transparent, slime, flame polished, encased or fumed and many more differentiating features.So why wait? Consider all these features when buying your next smoking pipe to choose one that is more appealing to you.