Best Beers in the World

The World Beer Awards is a very international organization, that votes for the best beers in the world every year. This is actually the second most prestigious beer award, which is usually compared to Oscars or Golden Globes. There are several different beers, that want to win this top award. Every beer has its own story to tell, and many are left for you to decide, what is the best beer in the world? Here are some of the most popular beers voted, and the reasons they are so popular.

Mexican beer

Among the basic types of beer, there are those which are more popular than others. One of the most popular choices in the category of best beers in the world is Mexican beer. There are a few reasons why this brand is so popular. First off, they are made from such great-tasting ingredients. If you have ever had a Mexican beer, then you know how great these taste, but without having the taste of a Typical Brand Beer, they would just be another run-of-the-mill beer.

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale is one of the most popular choices. It is made in California, by the Sierra Nevada Brewing Company. The reason this is their most popular choice is that it is made using such high-quality ingredients as hops, barley, malt, and yeast.

man pouring dark beer into glass


Another highly rated best-selling brand is Greenlee. This is a brew that is produced right here in the United States. Some might think it’s a microbrew, but they are not mistaken. It is actually made with yeast. This brewery produces a variety of beers all year round. This includes such beers as Greenlee Lager, Greenlee Light, Greenlee IPL, and more.

Bell’s Finest Belgian-style ale

I recommend trying the Bell’s Finest Belgian-style ale. This beer has been around since 1820. It is made right here at home in Belgium. If you are not a fan of Belgian-style beers, then this should definitely be tried. I have had it once and was glad that I decided to try it.

If you like drinking Belgian-style beers, then you should try Bell’s Cuvee Farmhouse Ale. This is a collaboration beer between Bell’s and a farm in Oregon. The brewery uses fresh organic ingredients for the flavor. Twitter drinkers will definitely recommend this beer.

If you live in Europe, try checking out breweries in France and Belgium. These two great countries produce some of the best beers in the world, and they have a long tradition of brewing strong beers that are made using authentic ingredients. Some of their best beers include Risotto, Guru de Nuit, Cuvee de Canard, and Le Pay Verty.

waitress serving beer to men

German-style beers

If you are looking for German-style beers, then I recommend trying Bell’s Stache German-style ale. It is brewed in Germany, but it uses real German hops, rather than the artificial ones used by other breweries. In fact, this is the only German-style beer that I have ever tried that uses real German hops. If you are looking for the best beers in the world, I highly recommend trying this one. I was pleasantly surprised at how balanced it was, and it tasted pretty close to the original, despite having the added hop.

English-style stout

Last but not least on the list is Richey’s English-style stout. This brew uses Simcoe, Mosaic, and Columbus hop. It is actually quite delicious. If you like a stout, and you like beer that tastes like beer, then you definitely need to try Richey’s English-style stout.

four types of best beers in glasses

Chinese-style beer

The final country on the list is China. Although a few years ago China didn’t really create a beer scene, they have now become a world leader when it comes to beer consumption per person. The people there drink about two liters annually, which is a huge amount! Interestingly, the best beer is produced in China, and their beers are comparable to beers from all over the world.

If you are looking to learn more about the beer culture in China, you can visit the Beijing Beer Fest or the Shanghai Beer Festival. Both of these festivals have many internationally-known breweries attending. There are also numerous small breweries that make very nice beers with high-quality ingredients. For example, there is Little Dragon from Hangzhou, China, which has a delicious blonde ale with delicate clover, Lagers from Chongqing, and Special White from Shanghai.

Parting words to all beer-lovers

If you are looking to get into beer drinking, you should definitely learn more about the best beers in the world. No matter what type of beer you like, there are plenty of great places where you can find it. In fact, the best way to learn about new beer is to get out and try as many different ones as you can. Whether it is a light lager, an India Pale Ale, or a darker Belgian-style brewed beer, there is something available for everyone.