Photography Composition Rules You Need To Know

Basically, there is no rule in photography, but there are several known photography composition guidelines that always will lead you to capture a beautiful photo that will make your client happy. Every photographer should make every effort to know the basic composition rules and the best photography styles that will ultimately improve the quality of photographs hence upgrading your career. Below are some basic photography composition rules that every photographer have to know.

1. Fill the frame.

When taking a photograph you already know your main subject, in this case you should attract more attention to your main subject. When you target the main subject in a place with more distracting objects then you can take a more comprehensive view of which you can later crop to focus your main subject.

Consider patterns

2. Don’t cut off limbs.

Ones you have established your primary target, take more care on the edges of your frame to ensure that the targeted subject has been captured in whole. When you capture a photo with a dog tail, or cat head uncaptured does not only prove the photographer unprofessional but also distracts the attention of the viewer.

3. Understand the thirds rule.

The rule of thirds is basically dividing your shot into nine equal squares. The squares are made of horizontal and vertical lines, and the background of the technique is that you should place your target subject where the lines meet.

The technic is most appropriate when taking landscape photographs.

4. Use frames.

Frames can be human-made by use of bridges, arches or fences or maybe natural by use of tree branches or can also be human by clasping your arms around your face. Frames are important as they isolate your main subject hence drawing the attention to a specific subject and also they hide the unwanted features from being viewed.

5. Make use of lines and shapes.

Lines naturally attract human being attention unconsciously, for example, you will follow the pattern of a railway line captured in a photo from the start to the end, so to capture the attention of an individual to view a specific feature you can make the feature be near the lines or enclosed by lines. Shapes do have the same qualities as well.



6. Have a focus.

Knowing your focus helps to have a specifically targeted object and easier to point out, rather than having too much on single photo which may be too difficult to spot the focus of the photographer.

7. Look at the background.

Having a too bright background than your focus may attract more attention to the background than your subject. It is wise therefore to choose a background that is somehow dull than the subject.

8. Consider patterns

Use of patterns in the frame makes the photo look more attractive and hence have more impact. It is basic photography composition to use patterns or symmetry.

9. Make a good depth of your photograph.

Depth is a basic compositional element, where a photograph has the foreground, the middle ground and the background which adds depth to your photo. With the basic photography composition, you can start the journey to become a photography expert and create photos that impress your customers.