Most Popular Craft Beers In America

Most craft beers are made in small batches for enjoyment by the homebrew enthusiast. They are widely available across the United States and Europe. Many of these lagers are on the “open market” for sale to the general public. But what are the most popular craft beers in America?

The American Pale Ale

The most popular of these is the American Pale Ale, which was created from a recipe originated in hops plantations in Germany. This particular brew was first created as a way to preserve yeast for future use. Over time, breweries developed ways to dry the wort so it could be stored longer. When packaged with a fresher taste, the American Pale Ale was born.

A lot of the most popular microbrews such as IPAs and witbier are mass-produced. They are imported from all over the world, mostly from Germany. The majority of these beers are considered to be session beers. This means that you should try a new microbrew once every few months. Some of the most popular microbreweries in the U.S. include Doggie Boogies, Harpoon Beer, Bell’s Belgian White, and Stonebraiser.

India Pale Ale and a smoked IP ale

The next highly anticipated brewing company to join the ranks of microbreweries is Widmermeester, which is owned by Sapporo. It plans to create around 60 different beers including some red ones. A lot of the beers will feature German maltiness and herbal tastes. A lot of the ingredients will be imported from countries in Europe.

An interesting addition to the wide variety of beers made by Widmermeester is an assortment of “specialty” beers such as an India Pale Ale and a smoked IP ale. You can also purchase an array of fruity and Session beers, as well as other specialty beers. A big part of this brewing corporation’s offerings will be an array of dark beers, many of which will be pale ales. You can get any of these beers from their website. Many of the brewmasters at Widmermeester will be creating new seasonal specialties for you to enjoy on a regular basis.

craft beers in glasses on table

Craft beer from the Michigan Brewing Company

If you are looking for craft beers that are not widely distributed or that are not sold by the major supermarkets, consider getting your “craft beer” from the Michigan Brewing Company. They offer award-winning beers that are still growing in popularity. They were one of the first companies in Michigan to open an IP brewery, which has become a signature style for them. If you visit their website you will be able to find out what kinds of year-round and seasonal releases they have available as well as what kinds of special limited release beers they have coming up.

A third Michigan homebrewer that is quickly growing in popularity is draft and bottle shop Beano. They offer an extensive selection of German beers and there are even a few Michigan breweries that have signed up to distribute their beers throughout the United States. If you live in the St. Louis area and want some German beers, you need to stop by Beano. They have over 40 rotating German beers on tap, so you are bound to find something you like. If you are having a birthday party or just want to try some fun beers, this is the place for you.

If you want to taste Michigan Craft Breweries beers that were made last year, make sure you stop by Michigan Beer Co. They have four locations, with two more planned. They also have several draft options and growlers to choose from. You will need to arrive early for some of the brews, but overall this place has some great things to offer. The prices are reasonable and their beers taste great.