How To Apply Photoshop Actions To Multiple Photos

If you love pictures and always want to spend most of your time editing then they you have probably wished to have a tool that would allow you to apply the same edit to many photos. Well Photoshop allows you to do just that.

This is the best photo editor and so it has some of the coolest features that will transform your editing experience. Batch editing is what makes all this possible.

With batch edit command in Photoshop, you can apply the same action you want reflected on all the images you have opened.


The best part is that you can use the free photoshop actions on your image and have the changes made on the entire folder without opening the images. This post will take you through the process of apply Photoshop actions to multiple photos.

Step 1:

The first thing you need to do is to open up the “batch” command. It is simple; go to edit then scroll down to automate and select batch. You don’t have to open any image before doing this.

Step 2:

You then need to go to the top of the window where there will be a prompt asking you for the “Set” in which the action is contained. Below that you will see the name of the action. You should find the “Sharpen slightly” action.

Step 3:

At this stage, you need to select the source of the images you want to edit. In most cases, the images will be in a folder. If not, you can place them in one folder before you sharpen. Alternatively, you can close out and go back to open some images into Photoshop. Return back to your previous menu and select “Opened Files”. There you will also find other “Source” options.

Step 4:

Below the “Source” option is the “choose” button. Click on it to navigate the folder you have placed the copies of the original photos you want the sharpening action to be applied on.


It is advisable to use copies since you will be able to throw them out if you are not happy with the result. So you will have the originals as your “negatives” to go back to.

Step 5:

The next four boxes can be left unchecked for now since you wont need them at this stage. In future, the boxes may come in handy. For instance, the “Suppress Color Profile Warning “ may be helpful to you if you have some files on your computer that are aRGB and sRGB yet your Photoshop color space is not set to one of these.

Step 6:

On this final step, you need to click on the destinations drop down menu to choose what you want Photoshop to do for you. You can merely select Save and Close if you are working on copies of your original images. Select folder then choose and put your originals in a different folder if you are working on originals. This will help you ensure you don’t over-write your originals. That is how easy it is to apply Photoshop actions to multiple photos.