How Often Should Motorcycle Tires Be Replaced?

The essential parts of a vehicle or a bike is a tire. A well-maintained tire gives you a good ride quality, great performance, and longevity. More so, a high-quality tire plays a massive role in ensuring the safety of the rider. However, the tire is prone to tear and wear like any other motorcycle parts.

Motorcycle tires are not made to last long as car tires do. Even when the tire threads look great, having it for more than ten years requires it to be replaced. This article goes exclusively goes through how often you should replace motorcycle tires.

Uneven Tread Wear

A tire may not be worn out entirely, but that does mean it should not be replaced. A tire shape is vital in making decisions whether it will be used in the future.


Uneven tread wear such as getting worn out at the tread center portion acts a signal to indicate that the tire should be replaced. A possible cause of uneven tread wear is due to failed or bad shock.

Age of The Tire

Age is an essential factor in determining how often replacing a motorcycle tyre should be. It is recommended that you should not use a tire for more than five years. This is even if the tire has no cuts and is not worn out. This is mainly because the tire hardens up over time as the oils in the rubber evaporate.

Harder tires have a higher probability of sliding and slipping. The four-digit number on your tire represents the date of manufacture with the first two digits representing the week number and the last two showing the year of manufacture.

Wear and Tear

Wear and tear is a straightforward sign that points out that your tire should not be in use any longer. Tire manufacturers indicate a tire wear indicator mark on the tire sidewall.

The sign has a triangular arrow to show the extent of wear after which the tire should be replaced. If the curved tire surface wears out of the tire wear indicator mark, it shows that the tire should be replaced.

Scalping or Cupping of the Tires

It is common for the tire to get worn out along the trend length. This is dangerous as it causes stability and handling issues. If you notice such signs, you should immediately start investing in buying a new tire. You should also ensure your motorcycle suspension set up is correctly checked as it may be a cause of cupping and scalping.

Tire Punctures or Cuts

Punctures and cuts make a tire unfit for use. If your motorcycle tire has too many cuts or punctures, its time you replaced it with a new one.


Otherwise, going for n a ride with the tire with many punctures and cuts crates uneven road contact patchiness that negatively affects your motorcycle performance and quality of the ride.


You should maintain your tires in good condition for longevity. Some of the best ways of doing this is maintaining the proper tire pressure and checking it regularly. More so, your braking habits influence the life of your tire. Today, new tires are coming with significant technological improvements that give you a whole new level of performance. Have high-quality tires and ride safely.