How Long Do Hormone Blood Tests Take

How long does a hormone blood test take? This is a question that you are probably tasking yourself. This question does not have a definite answer because it depends on various factors. Some tests can take as little as 30 minutes while can take up to a week. A hormone blood test is a procedure that involves drawing blood from the vein, then taking it to the lab for further analysis.

Drawing blood is a simple process that takes between 2-5 minutes, that is if your veins can be accessed easily. The place where this process takes time is in the lab. Below are factors that determine how long it takes to your hormone blood test.

The complexity of test


There are many different types of hormone tests and the duration that each test takes varies. Some tests take as little as 20 minutes while some take a week or more to get the results. If the hormonal analysis is involved, then it means that more sophisticated equipment and experts are needed to complete the test successfully. Additionally, if hormone blood test wrong, then the process will consume more time because the entire will have to be conducted again.

The popularity of the test

Another factor that determines how long your hormone blood test will take is the popularity of the procedure. If the hormone test is performed more often, the results will be out faster than if the test that is performed rarely.

This is because adequate resources are available to complete the test. A rarely performed test can take time because the test sample may need to be taken to another facility for analysis.



The place where your hormone blood test is conducted can determine how fast you will get your results. For instance, if the test is conducted in a facility where there is no on-site laboratory to analyze the sample, then it will take more time to get the results. However, if there is a well-equipped on-site laboratory, you will get your results much faster.