How Do You Properly Date Someone

Whether people like to admit this or not, no matter what your age, gender, ethnicity, or sexuality if you’re single then you are surely looking to find that special someone, it is the hardest thing in the world but finds the one person out there that can make you feel like the world makes sense and you have a real sense of purpose, is the most important thing in life.

I could tell you that life without love is a life not led and all the other quotes ever written about love but really falling in love is as individual as we are and no one can tell you who will be your ideal match, but all relationships indeed have to start somewhere so here is a brief guide to preparing yourself for a special date.

These are the key points to follow:

If you are about to arrange a date, then think about when you are planning it for. Make sure it doesn’t correspond with anything that will unsettle you like a previous relationships anniversary or a family members birthday, make sure you can wholeheartedly invest in the date and keep your focus there.

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In the week before the date think about getting your hair trimmed and colored to ensure your hair will look it’s best, even use a rescue treatment the day before to make it glossy, make sure you don’t have a complete restyle though, you do want to be recognized.

Have a look in your wardrobe, is they’re the perfect outfit in there just waiting to be worn or are you going to need a trip to the shops before your big date?

Give yourself enough time to get ready and make an effort, and no-one will be impressed with someone who looks like they haven’t made an effort or who is late, so give yourself a good few hours.

Let your nerves work to your advantage, use that nervous energy to groom yourself properly, looking at areas you may not always pay attention to such as cleaning finger and toenails. Look at unwanted hairs, just check your eyebrows, nose, ears and all over for unwanted hairs and get rid of them.


Really look at what you have picked to wear, does it reflect the occasion? Think about where you are going and make sure it will be appropriate. Always have on good underwear because you have to start with good underwear and work your way up ensuring all of your clothes are clean and flattering to your figure and size. If you’re not sure, to ask someone who you think would be honest with you and has good taste themselves.

Make sure you smell nice, maybe buy a new scent just put a few sprays on so you don’t overpower an entire restaurant, so enough but not too much.

Look at yourself properly in a mirror before you leave and check in natural light too especially those wearing make-up or fake tan.

You can now check out – free local dating website to get a partner for big date knowing you are physically prepared to have the night of your life and really connect with the person opposite you, rather than wondering if you look your best.


This preparation will also help you to feel really confident and at peace with how you look physically leaving you free to fall in love with your date and have a wonderful time, so long as they have put the effort in too, and if you’re not having such a great time with your date you never know who else will see you looking fabulous.