Everything You Want To Know About Hemp Beer

What is hemp beer? It may sound a bit technical, but it’s easy to explain. Hemp beer is made from hemp leaves and hemp seeds (more specifically, hemp flower and hemp seeds). When you brew this beer, what you are doing is infusing the plant with certain nutrients that the plant has been growing for millions of years. These nutrients give the brew a unique flavor. It also has a rich, fuller taste than other types of beers and ale.

Why should we care about what is in the beer?

Simply put, it tastes much better than traditional beers and ale. However, many people do not realize the plant contains some fantastic health benefits. There are specific strains of hemp that have been shown to contain significant amounts of medicinal compounds, including tannins, phenols, carotenoids, flavonoids, procyanidins, antimicrobials, and others. There are even some reports of cancer curing after using hemp beer!

So what are some of the things that are found in hemp beer?

There are several different natural flavorings to the product. Most notably, “Dank Beer” is infused with what is known as ” Terpinen-4-ol”. Terpinene-4-oil is an antibacterial agent that can be found in cayenne and chili peppers. This ingredient helps to create a slightly bitter but pungent flavor that is commonly used as an ingredient to add complexity and a hint of off-flavors to beverages.

A large portion of this beer is made from the noster, or tenderloin, of the kelp. The “wheat” that is used in this brew also contains significant amounts of antioxidants, making it highly desirable. Kona hemp beer is highly respected throughout the world, especially by coffee bars. Many believe that the sweet, rich flavor is the result of the high concentrations of “terpinene-4-ol”.

person pouring hemp beer into glass

Hemp beer as craft beer

Hemp beer is also frequently available as craft beer as well as in bottle form. The bottled forms contain neither THC nor CBD, making them far less potent than their fresh counterparts. Many believe that the lack of CBD makes these beers less effective as a muscle relaxer or sedative. Many people who consume hemp beer do so because they want to be in complete control of the amount of hemp in their body at any given time, rather than rely upon a licensed prescription medication that may not be effective.

Look for them online

When searching for the best hemp beer, you have several options. There are several websites online that focus solely on offering consumers access to the best brews in the industry. These websites generally list local distributors and manufacturers that have been personally selected based on both feedback and recommendation. Once you have located a distributor that you are comfortable with, make an order right away. If you are ordering online, keep in mind that many breweries will process your order and shipping it directly to you, taking a few days to a week off.

How to brew hemp beer?

Once you’ve decided on which type of hemp beer you want, you can begin brewing the first batch. Some breweries allow you to sample the product before you decide if you like the taste. If you don’t have access to a tasting room, most breweries allow you to take a sample directly to your home. This is generally done through a small sampling refrigerator that has a small amount of CBD. Most home-brewing refrigerators do not contain CBD, so you’ll need to buy your own CBD to ensure that you are getting the full effect of this great new drink.

The final step

The final step is to create the final batches of delicious dank and fruity beers. The process involves decanting the beer into the fermenter, add the yeast, and stirring the mixture until the ingredients begin to foam. This is followed by the addition of a yeast culture, which aids in breaking down the sugars in the wort, producing the classic smell of dank and earthy taste. Some breweries also use a special decanter to combine the first four ingredients for the recipe. Once the beer has finished brewing and all of the necessary yeast, equipment, and recipes are complete, it is time to sit back and relax watching your dank and fruity creations appear before your very eyes.