Event Planning Ideas for Beer Lovers

If you and your friends/colleagues enjoy the refreshing taste of beer, the next time the opportunity arises, why not organize a proper party or fun event based around this popular drink? This will be a great way to change things up a little bit, let everyone enjoy themselves to the fullest and get a chance to try a bunch of different kinds of beer. In the end, beer can turn out to be the perfect beverage for all kinds of occasions, from birthdays and stag nights to weddings and office parties. 

Birthday fun

In case you’re organizing a birthday party, it’s important that you know how many people you want to invite in order to choose the best setting. For instance, if you want to invite a couple of your closest friends and you all tend to like intimate gatherings more, organizing a nice party at home with plenty of beer and snacks might be a great way to spend this day. What’s more, you can ask your friends to bring their favorite type of beer so that you all then have a variety to taste. This is also a great opportunity to play some traditional drinking games such as King’s Cup, “take a drink when…” and maybe even Jenga or Uno. On the other hand, you might want to take your party for the night out. In this case, definitely choose a place with plenty of craft beers to choose from. 

A stag/hen night

Now this is a party in the making! If you plan to celebrate the days when you’re still unmarried with your friends, have you ever considered organizing a bar-hopping event? This is definitely one of the most popular stag/hen party outings, especially considering that this way you all get to try all kinds of beers served at different places. Obviously, don’t forget to add some craft beer stores to your bar list. Not to mention that taking a walk in the fresh air in between bars will definitely feel pleasant and rejuvenating in preparation for the next pint. 

A wedding ceremony

Planning a wedding is obviously a lot more serious and complex compared to birthday and stag/hen parties. However, the point is still the same – make sure that everyone has a blast! When you organize your wedding, you’ll have to deal with the venue and guest list first, but proper catering service is the next item on the list. This will give you the opportunity to surprise your guests with amazing food and even more amazing drinks menu. And if you and your spouse-to-be are great beer fans, this is definitely a great opportunity to let everyone get a taste of a variety of fine-crafted beers. Of course, make the most out of a top-notch wedding car hire as you two have the right to drink the night away as well!

An office party

Planning an office party might feel awkward at first, but once you get to know your colleagues well, this will definitely turn into the best Friday evening fun! After all, you don’t even have to leave your office unless you want to. Just make sure that a couple of you go out and get the beer and snacks while others stay behind to organize the desks and chairs properly. This kind of an office party where you all get to sit and chat together with a cold beer in hand is undoubtedly the best way to strengthen your bonds as both friends and colleagues. And don’t forget to enjoy yourselves in a fun match of office beer pong! 

If you’re a beer lover, don’t hesitate to include beer in every type of event that you’re planning. Of course, you can always get non-alcoholic beer for those friends that can’t drink alcohol but still appreciate the taste of this fine and refreshing beverage.