Best Man Obligations – Organizing the Perfect Bachelor Party

As a best man, you have the duty and honor to make the groom’s and your best friend’s bachelor party unforgettable. Of course, make sure to talk to the groom – unless the party is supposed to be a surprise – so that you can learn the most important details such as date, the groom’s wishes and preferences, guests, themes, etc. In case the party will be a surprise, you’ll need to rely on your own knowledge about the groom as well as his other friends and possibly family members.

1. Discuss things with the groom

Assuming that you’ll get to talk to the groom before the bachelor party, you really have to do everything in your power to get the most answers out of him in one go. That way, the groom won’t have to think too much about the party and you’ll have everything ready faster. That said, make sure to be prepared before actually discussing the rules and some pressing issues for the stag night.

2. Don’t be afraid to ask

First things first, you need to learn what the groom’s opinion on strip dancing is. Not everyone will want that. Also, your friend may really be interested in a certain theme, prefer the bachelor party to be a trip out of town, want to try out some crazy activity with his buddies, or simply expect a gaming guys’ night with beer.

Once you establish what the perfect scenario for the future groom would be, you need to get the details such as ideal guests and the preferable date. In general, a month before the wedding should be great for a stag night; but, the groom will have many responsibilities around that time and you just need to make sure right there and then what day/weekend works the best before putting any of your plans in motion.

3. Pick out the best activities

Based on the groom’s answers, your job as a best man should be at least a bit simpler. Talk to the rest of the groom’s faithful guy party so that you can work around the best choice of activities and specials for the stag night.

4. Plan in advance

For instance, keep in mind that in case of some daredevil activities such as cave diving or hunting, you shouldn’t consume alcohol. In this case, alcohol is allowed only if the activity will be during the day and you’ll all be safe in a cabin/hotel in the evening.

Furthermore, the groom may not be too keen about having stripper dancers at his party but that doesn’t mean he would mind seeing some skin. One of the most popular options for stag nights these days involves booking a smoking-hot nude waitress or two that will serve the food and drinks at your bachelor party. Basically, keep your hands to yourselves but get to feast your eyes and enjoy the company of some lovely ladies.

On the other hand, a road trip, boat cruise, or something similar may be ideal for your best friend who’s about to tie a knot. If that’s the case, you need to hurry and deal with the necessary bookings and reservations. Of course, you’ll need to do that whatever the stag night scenario you end up going with, but going away over the weekend requires a bit more planning and organization on your part.

As you discuss things with the groom and plan the bachelor party he’ll always fondly remember, keep in mind your own budget as well. You may also split the cost between the groom’s and hopefully yours closest friends. But, as a general rule, the groom shouldn’t be paying for anything on his own bachelor party.