8 Sites for Free Adobe Lightroom Presets

Together with the Launch of Lightroom 4, Adobe has gained more fans from the photography market. Having the easier to use interface, new attributes, along with reviewers claiming photos processed from the brand new Lightroom “only seem better”, it’s simple to see why it’s among the most well-known options for electronic photography. Other apps may also seem decent, but don’t cover a huge collection of fashions, and frequently seem too “default option”.

Fortunately for us, there are a few amazing sites offering free (and compensated) presets for Lightroom that will assist you to get the most from your photographs. Have a look at our favorites below, and also keep in mind a few might just be for Lightroom 3.

1. ShutterSweets

ShutterSweets is a great new website with an easy to navigate set of tools for photographers. They have got a superb freebie bundle so that you are able to download a few of the most well-known presets at no cost.


You’re able to catch their Complimentary Lightroom Presets Volume 1. Among my favorite things concerning ShutterSweets is that their Limitless Membership. As soon as you enroll, you’re going to receive immediate life access to all on the whole website, both today and later on. Other websites provide similar choices, but they generally need recurring payments every year.

2. PhotographyPla.net

This is just one of the more recent websites, however, has some wonderful presets at inexpensive rates. They’ve a small choice of totally free Lightroom presets you may try also.

It is also possible to subscribe to their Ultimate Photography Bundle that provides you access to EVERYTHING on the website. It is most likely the very best price on the market for photography tools.

3. Presets Galore

To start, our own site, Presets Galore. While not everything is absolutely free, there’s a great choice of free presets accessible through this link. Better still, there are numerous articles in this site which can help you produce your own presets, also use the ones which you download.

4. Preset Enjoy

To not be Outdone, Preset Love is a website dedicated completely to free presets out of many distinct founders. It comprises more than one hundred presets, each one free. Great to get a look if you are editing images on a financial institution.

5. Sleeklens

An Interesting website, and among my favorite so far. They finished a job some time back of earning three hundred and sixty-five distinct presets they are offering free of charge.

Light ROOM

Probably the most significant range of presets available free of charge, and all organized just like a calendar, that can be intriguing. If you merely need a mother lode of all unique choices to play, this could definitely be the place to move by visiting https://sleeklens.com/

6. Free Presets

Another website dedicated to free stuff for free it does not only offer presets, in addition, it supplies Photoshop tools along with also the occasional Photometer preset. It’s a nice quantity of variety with near a hundred things. Lots of choice, and choices to the discerning photographer understands this website a spot in my top ten.

7. On1

Geared as a Website for specialists, the free presets on this website take the kind of themed presentation packs and free trials.

They’re of skilled quality and could most likely be well worth it even when they were not free. The Lightroom presets made available by On1 are created by popular preset musicians, so make sure you test them out.

8. Shutter Pulse

The complimentary Presets on screen here are odd in their own variety. Over that, they provide new tools which you could download to use in Photoshop. Certainly worth a look!