5 Ways to Use Up Flavoured Syrup

Aside from fruit syrups being tasty and colourful, they are also versatile in use. Not only will they make your drinks and food look more attractive, but flavoured syrups will also make many desserts and beverages taste yummier. If you’ve bought the newly promoted flavoured syrup, but it didn’t serve its primary purpose well, don’t throw it away. We have a few suggestions on how you can use it up and not regret the purchase. 

Substitute sugar with syrup in baked goods

Did you know that muffins and white bread can taste just as sweet, and even more delicious when baked with flavoured syrups? Use the remaining of your flavoured syrup instead of sugar to sweeten baked goods. The result will be the same and, in some cases, even better in terms of tastes. It’s also one f the quickest ways to use syrup because you’ll need large quantities to substitute sugar. 

Great for marinades

If you like marinating meat or seafood, then you’ll love to experiment with flavoured syrups. It’s one of the highly versatile ingredients that not many people experiment with when cooking. Marinate anything from spareribs to meatballs and even add it to your next stir fry. Do you want to make a sweet and sour roasted tofu? What better ingredient to spice up the feast, than a flavoured syrup. It doesn’t matter whether you choose apple, peach, citrus or pineapple syrup, any of them will mix flawlessly with acid. When you’re out of ideas, try some of ours. Add strawberry syrup to balsamic, or mix the white wine one with pomegranate. Cider vinegar will extract the most out of blueberry flavour, while apricot and Dijon mustard will taste incredible when added to your meat specialities!

Sweeten drinks with syrups

Another common use for flavoured syrups is adding them to cocktails and non-alcoholic beverages. Have you ever had a mint hot chocolate? How about a caramel macchiato? All those drinks use flavoured syrups to add sweetness and decor to the beverage. Be your own cocktail master and add some of the delicious flavoured syrups to your cappuccino, mojito, or lemonade. Don’t wait for the sugar to melt in your ice-cold lemonade. Pour in some flavoured syrup and make the drink visually appealing and delicious at the same time. Not a fan of lemonade? Add some syrup to soda water for the ultimate sparkling drink that will make hot summer days more bearable.

Perfect as toppings

If you love fruity desserts, then you’ll know just how to use your flavoured syrup. There will be no better topping for your ice cream or tart, than a yummy fruit syrup. Does your oatmeal need a little kick? Are you tired of putting jelly and whipped cream on your waffles? Swap them for flavoured syrups and make those desserts more delectable than ever before. You can even make chia bowls taste heavenly with a hint of flavoured syrup. No need to wait for seasonal fruits to make the desired cake. With fruit syrups, you can have strawberry and blueberry treats in your home every day. Sorbets and ice-creams can always use an extra dose of oomph. So, why not use fruit syrups to make every dessert more enjoyable than the last one. Planning a summer bash? Have ice cones ready for that leftover flavoured syrup.

The main ingredient for dessert sauces

When you want to make a family recipe stand out and have your personal stamp, include a dessert sauce in it. What can make it even more delicious is flavoured syrup as the main ingredient for the sauce. Just add some fruit syrup to your signature sauce before it’s cooked completely. It will add the needed charm to it, making it taste incredible. Everyone will wonder what the secret ingredient is, and you can brag with your cooking skills without actually making too much effort to make the sauce. Fruit salads can also taste much better (but less healthy) with a drizzle of fruit syrup. But why use just a drizzle, when you can dip all the fruit in syrup,  making the ultimate dessert for an entire family. 

Final thoughts

Using the surplus of your fruit syrup is much better than throwing it away. So, the next time you’re not sure what to do with leftover syrup, consider baking more food. Whether you choose to add it to a muffin mix, drizzle it over ice cones or make lemonade and coffee yummier, fruit syrups will make all the difference in your cooking.