5 Unconventional Things to Do in New York

They don’t call New York The City That Never Sleeps for nothing. With such a diverse offer of attractions, tours and things to do and see, the Big Apple will certainly make you want to stay there forever because you’ll never have enough time to see everything that it has to offer. Therefore, if you’re visiting New York soon, think about doing some of the unconventional things, instead of acting like every other tourist. Look for the unique and unordinary, to make the most of your stay in the Big Apple.

Go to a festival

Whichever season you choose for visiting New York, you’ll have festivals in abundance to visit. From the Brooklyn Book Festival in the fall, an underground jazz festival during winter to a three-day, multi-stage music festival on Randall’s Island in the summer. If you like the festival atmosphere, then you simply have to experience the New York one because it’s unlike anywhere else in the world. In spring, the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens host Sakura Matsuri festival, celebrating the renewal that comes after a long silent winter. You’ve probably never had the chance to watch live traditional Japanese dances or see the Japanese pond and pay attention cherry blossom trees, so don’t miss this beautiful spring festival to soak up the best of Japanese culture.

Watch birds in Prospect Park

Bird watching may not be on the list of must-do things in New York, but it’s certainly one of the unique activities worth considering. Tourists are usually all about visiting the landmarks, taking photos and doing similar things as people who have visited the city before them. Make your trip to NYC exceptional and explore the wildlife of the Big Apple. You can log up to 60 species in only two boroughs, so if you’re an early riser, use the opportunity to go to Prospect Park and watch some of the unique bird species.

Try out New York cuisine

Food tasting and enjoying delicious treats every country has to offer is definitely something you should consider when visiting New York. The culinary scene of Chinatowns in New York will absolutely take your breath away. Feel free to go off the beaten path and instead of visiting the well-known Manhattan Chinatown, go further to Queens and eat authentic Chinese food with the locals. If you don’t feel like going out one night, feel free to party indoors, with fantastic catering food. Order cocktail catering from the top mixologist in NYC to spice up your gastronomic experience with exceptionally unique cocktails. Korean food is also a good choice if you start craving food after the party.

Watch a movie in the park

Summer Monday nights are reserved for free classic movies. They are shown in Bryant Park, right between stunning skyscrapers and the wonderful New York City Public Library. If you’re a true movie aficionado and you want to spend more time outdoors, grab your blanket and head to Bryant Park on a lovely Monday afternoon. Just keep in mind that the lawn is closed off in the afternoon, so try to get to the park before 4:30 pm.

Take a fitness tour

Travelling doesn’t give us much time to work on our fitness, so use an opportunity to enjoy an invigorating fitness tour in the heart of New York. Walking tours are always fun, but why not enjoy one of the most beautiful New York sights and work on your stretching and running in the middle of Central Park. Whether you prefer yoga and working on your balance and flexibility or you’re more of a running a few miles athlete, New York has it all to make your stay the most memorable of all.

New York is so magnificent that no matter what you decide to do or see, you’ll be captivated. However, if you have the possibility to choose, go for a few unconventional activities to see the Big Apple from a completely new perspective.