Fall is Coming

Today we brew another batch of our Menger 32 Pumpkin Ale.  This is our new pumpkin ale with brown sugar, cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger.  It's that classic pumpkin pie spice ale with a toasty pie-crust-like malt backbone.  Look for it in stores in 22 oz bottles and on draft next month.

Speaking of our pumpkin ale, I tried using canned pumpkin for the first time this year.  Every year previous I used either jack-o-lantern pumpkins or those little sugar pie pumpkins.  Although I like the pie pumpkins better than the carving ones, canned pumpkin surprised me by being very flavorful and great to use in a mash or boil (or both like I do in Menger 32 with my new "first wort pumpkining" technique).  I wouldn't have used it if it didn't say "Ingredient: Pumpkin" on the back of the can.  Anyway, judge for yourself once it's released!

We are also prepping to head to GABF next week.  Flying out on the 1st and won't be back until the 5th.  So if you need some Branchline beers you better let us know by next Monday!

I hope everyone enjoys what we do as much as we do!


Paul Ford

Head Brewer

Certified Cicerone