Seasonal Crazy!

Hey everyone!

So today was a cleaning day, recovering from a crazy day of kegging, brewing, delivering, and oyster cleaning.  Yes, that is right we brewed our seasonal Oso Knotty Oyster Stout yesterday and it's fermenting away today.  You should be seeing it around the end of August.  We are also entering this seasonal into GABF so wish us luck!

That reminds me, we are the ONLY San Antonio brewery participating in GABF this year!  Woo!

We also kegged River Bend Pale Ale yesterday as well and delivered it to accounts in Austin and SA through today.  I must say, this batch turned out delicious with seasonal orange zest, orange pulp, and Citra hops, giving it a wonderful citrusy nose and flavor.

If you get a chance, say hello to our new employee Andrew if you see him out on the town.  He has been delivering for us around town so keep your eyes peeled and buy the guy a pint!


Paul Ford

Head Brewer