New Brewer's Log - Keep an eye out here!

Hey guys, this is my first post on the website here.  I plan to post a lot more in the future.  For now, just know that you can bookmark here and keep an eye out for future posts.

Not much going on at the brewery today.  Cleaning kegs and filling some bottles (except Jason sold all the blonde we were going to fill bottles with so we're waiting for tank conditioned blonde to bottle).  Had a pop in from a guy and his daughter from Houston so that was pretty cool.  Talked to the owner of Monster Vape.  They are looking to do some future promotion stuff with us.

Later in the week we plan to keg the latest batch of Shady Oak Honey Blonde and then we'll rack Evil Owl Amber and brew two days in a row to fill the tank with a new batch of amber!

Let us know where you'd like to buy our beer where you can't find it already!


Paul Ford