2nd Anniversary... Coming Soon

We are pretty excited about our 2nd Anniversary celebration coming up next month.  We are doing a weekend event from January 9-10 over 3 sessions (check out times and buy tickets here: http://www.eventbrite.com/o/branchline-brewing-co-3743418779?s=31428683).  We have a huge beer list for each session and, of course, our new 2nd Anniversary Ale launching.

This ale is inspired by our awesome year-round Woodcutter Rye IPA but we wanted to make a bigger version to celebrate.  So we beefed up the hops and grain and turned it into an Imperial IPA, then we added Belgian Candi Syrup and fermented it with Belgian Strong Ale yeast.  We also dry hopped it (of course) for a 9+% Belgian-style Imperial Rye IPA.  We are putting it in kegs and 750ml bottles.

We also launched White Cap Coconut Cream Ale in bottles today, which will likely be our only release of this beer in bottles.  So get it while you can!  We are currently (today) delivering them to a bunch of stores around town.

So, all in all, we are having an exciting week!

Paul Ford

Head Brewer

Certified Cicerone®