Tap Room Hours for August

Hi everyone!

One of the most common requests that we get is for open hours in our tap room.  As some of you know, we had our taproom open in early 2014 for a couple months.  Unfortunately, at the time we did not get enough traffic into the tap room and we decided to limit our open hours to a single open house event each month.

These events have been great!  We love spending time showcasing our beer and our brewery and we see new people each month!  However, that single request often comes up while we are conducting tours, visiting accounts, or having a pint around town.

So for August we are going to test having our tap room open for each Saturday from 2-8PM.  We want to stay open!  So for this to work we are hoping to see the same San Antonio beer supporters that love to drink our beer at the brewery having a pint sometime during this month.  If it works, we hope to continue or expand our open hours going forward!

So what are we doing?  We are having a fun theme (or event) each Saturday.  Come to one or all!

Aug 1 - The Ice Cream Man Cometh - come see an ice cream themed art gallery by local artist John Medina while enjoying a Branchline beer!  Also, meet the owner/GM of the upcoming growler station, Growlamo.

Aug 8 - Monthly Open House - Come to the tap room from 2-8PM, and enjoy discounted open house beers from 4-7PM!  Includes our monthly tour conducted by Head Brewer Paul Ford.

Aug 15 - Dog Day at the Brewery - Bring your dog to the brewery for some free treats and cold beer (for human friends).

Aug 22 - Game Day at the Brewery - Come play games with your friends at BBco!  We will have 4-square, giant jenga, Cards Against Humanity, Balderdash, Guess Who, and other new and classic games!

Aug 29 - Bring Your Own Vinyl and SAVR Meetup.  Bring your own music on vinyl and we will play the queue of your music while you enjoy our beer!  Join the SAVR (Virtual Reality) community in trying out some VR equipment from up and coming companies!

Cheers everyone!  Hope to see you there!

Paul Ford

Head Brewer

2nd Anniversary... Coming Soon

We are pretty excited about our 2nd Anniversary celebration coming up next month.  We are doing a weekend event from January 9-10 over 3 sessions (check out times and buy tickets here: http://www.eventbrite.com/o/branchline-brewing-co-3743418779?s=31428683).  We have a huge beer list for each session and, of course, our new 2nd Anniversary Ale launching.

This ale is inspired by our awesome year-round Woodcutter Rye IPA but we wanted to make a bigger version to celebrate.  So we beefed up the hops and grain and turned it into an Imperial IPA, then we added Belgian Candi Syrup and fermented it with Belgian Strong Ale yeast.  We also dry hopped it (of course) for a 9+% Belgian-style Imperial Rye IPA.  We are putting it in kegs and 750ml bottles.

We also launched White Cap Coconut Cream Ale in bottles today, which will likely be our only release of this beer in bottles.  So get it while you can!  We are currently (today) delivering them to a bunch of stores around town.

So, all in all, we are having an exciting week!

Paul Ford

Head Brewer

Certified Cicerone®

Fall is Coming

Today we brew another batch of our Menger 32 Pumpkin Ale.  This is our new pumpkin ale with brown sugar, cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger.  It's that classic pumpkin pie spice ale with a toasty pie-crust-like malt backbone.  Look for it in stores in 22 oz bottles and on draft next month.

Speaking of our pumpkin ale, I tried using canned pumpkin for the first time this year.  Every year previous I used either jack-o-lantern pumpkins or those little sugar pie pumpkins.  Although I like the pie pumpkins better than the carving ones, canned pumpkin surprised me by being very flavorful and great to use in a mash or boil (or both like I do in Menger 32 with my new "first wort pumpkining" technique).  I wouldn't have used it if it didn't say "Ingredient: Pumpkin" on the back of the can.  Anyway, judge for yourself once it's released!

We are also prepping to head to GABF next week.  Flying out on the 1st and won't be back until the 5th.  So if you need some Branchline beers you better let us know by next Monday!

I hope everyone enjoys what we do as much as we do!


Paul Ford

Head Brewer

Certified Cicerone

Hot Weather Brewing

It's hot in here!  So hot I don't even look happy in my self-taken photo.  Ugh... selfie...

Especially during the boil when I'm standing on the hot platform in the hot brewery!  It's cool, October is coming pretty soon right?  I figure I'll spend my week at GABF letting out all the heat I'm absorbing over the summer.

Brewing Evil Owl Amber today, batch 1 of 2.  Brew day went great and we kegged up a 20 bbl batch yesterday so everyone will have some fresh Branchline beer starting today!  We are also canning another 20 bbl batch on Monday so buy a couple cases of Evil Owl, fill your growlers, and cheers to beer!



Training Day

Denzel didn't show up but we held a training day today with Vann, our chemical rep.  We watched a video all about chemical safety and lifting safety.  We are interesting in making sure our employees are safe and our workplace is injury-free!

We've also got a new account in New Braunfels as of yesterday that we will be delivering to next week.  Calahan's Irish Pub will have Evil Owl Amber on draft and Shady Oak Blonde in bottles.  Be sure to check them out!

Cheers guys!  Drink a Branchline beer and enjoy your weekend!

Paul Ford

Seasonal Crazy!

Hey everyone!

So today was a cleaning day, recovering from a crazy day of kegging, brewing, delivering, and oyster cleaning.  Yes, that is right we brewed our seasonal Oso Knotty Oyster Stout yesterday and it's fermenting away today.  You should be seeing it around the end of August.  We are also entering this seasonal into GABF so wish us luck!

That reminds me, we are the ONLY San Antonio brewery participating in GABF this year!  Woo!

We also kegged River Bend Pale Ale yesterday as well and delivered it to accounts in Austin and SA through today.  I must say, this batch turned out delicious with seasonal orange zest, orange pulp, and Citra hops, giving it a wonderful citrusy nose and flavor.

If you get a chance, say hello to our new employee Andrew if you see him out on the town.  He has been delivering for us around town so keep your eyes peeled and buy the guy a pint!


Paul Ford

Head Brewer

New Brewer's Log - Keep an eye out here!

Hey guys, this is my first post on the website here.  I plan to post a lot more in the future.  For now, just know that you can bookmark here and keep an eye out for future posts.

Not much going on at the brewery today.  Cleaning kegs and filling some bottles (except Jason sold all the blonde we were going to fill bottles with so we're waiting for tank conditioned blonde to bottle).  Had a pop in from a guy and his daughter from Houston so that was pretty cool.  Talked to the owner of Monster Vape.  They are looking to do some future promotion stuff with us.

Later in the week we plan to keg the latest batch of Shady Oak Honey Blonde and then we'll rack Evil Owl Amber and brew two days in a row to fill the tank with a new batch of amber!

Let us know where you'd like to buy our beer where you can't find it already!


Paul Ford

Been a Minute

Tick Tock...Tick Tock


I suppose it has been a little while since I filled this out, just been busy. Regardless it has been a very solid few months, we have had new people come aboard (sorta) our taproom is open (mostly) and we are planning on our first anniversary coming up on December 13th.  


Todays brew because we all know why you are here... 


Wheat Wine- 8+ abv when finished, 55+ IBU's, and then aged on white wine barrels for 3+ weeks. Ill 'splain what later what the profile will be, until then...




Les (Head Brewer) 




Been a month or so since I have posted, figured I would take time and catch those who are interested up accordingly. We have our first sour down into barrels, I am looking ahead and see many more barrels on our near horizon as well. We are working near our 40th batch here in the next week or two, and as we come across our 50th batch, stay tuned to something special. We have been stepping up our small batch production as well, to offer those who trek out here the ample opportunity to quaff many different styles and offer some variety. We have added hands within the brewhouse, and these guys have been fantastic, so next time ya'll are here stop and say hi to some of new additions. 


As always, "stay bearded",


Les Locke (Head Brewer) 

Busy Week, Much More to Come

This week we have brewed four times, very much a record for us, and early next week we will be brewing our 30th batch, came rather quickly! Soon though, as in a week we will be producing our first sour beer in our sour program, and within a few weeks it will be down for the long range in our port wine barrels to get a dose of funky love. Soon thereafter we will be doubling up on our summer seasonal citrus pale ale, while I shape what the rest of summer will bring from our seasonal lineups. Good times, though sad by our Spurs losing, they gave a valiant effort and, there is always next season. This is all for now,



Stay Tuned- 


Les (Head Brewer)  

Addition to the Family

As of a few hours ago, we have now landed in house our next addition, a new 20bbl FV ( Fermenter). This should be a dedicated Shady Oak Blonde Ale Tank, meaning of course we will be able to have double of our current monthly output, but the most exciting part is that one of the original 10bbl FV's will now become my dedicated seasonal tank! :-) With this we shall now be able to have all three beers every month available, but a seasonal quaff as well.



As always, Cheers



Les (Head Brewer) 



Getting Acquainted

Figured Batch #25 would be a great place to start this thing. Truth is I just found out how to login and so this must suffice...


Today's brew is a citrus summer pale ale, a hybrid American and English variety, should see it on the market within the upcoming weeks. Well balanced quaff it shall be, and will fall into the summer seasonal category, but not quite a one-off. Regardless, please enjoy, ask any questions, or chime in as ya'll see fit, 



Maintain ( Just Kidding Babul) 


Les-Head Brewer